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1- EXCEPTIONAL User Experience

So your visitors stay on your site longer and are more likely to convert into paying customers. With our High Quality design we engage your potential customers so they stick around consuming your content. We follow Google best practices of a deep understanding of your users, what they need, what they value, their abilities and also their limitations. Our modern website designs please your visitors and all the Search Engines hence increase your chances of better ranking.

2- Focus on Images & Videos

images and videos keep your visitors more engaged and have an easier understanding of what you are offering. Most visitors scan content rather then reading it. The more understanding of your content the longer your visitors will stay on your site.
Most people prefer watching a video rather then reading an article. The time watching the videos is longer then the time spent reading your articles. Google will pick up on that and favor your site. Like images we SEO all your videos.

3- Show your expertise

“High Quality pages and websites need enough expertise to be authoritative and trustworthy on their topics.” Google It is important to Google but it is also important to your visitors and potential customers. People are always looking for expert advises coming from authoritative sources and want to work with expert only. We write blogs using case studies, concrete examples to illustrate your point, external links to other posts and knowledge sources.
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Our thorough keyword analysis will help you to cover each topics well enough to make them relevant and authoritative to your visitors. Google is constantly looking for websites with deeper content to reward them with higher ranking. For that we use keywords and closely related keywords enriching the overall content of your website.

5- Easy to read content

Simple is better especially for content. We use easy to understand words to build conversational short sentences and paragraphs. We aim at a greater readability score for better visitor engagement. Google looks at Readability Score and user engagement before rewarding websites that easier to read.


More than 70% of your visitors will scan your pages and read them. We design your website with that in mind to make your content easier to digest. Your visitors will stay longer on your pages. Google rewards websites formatted for the web rather than long boring texts. We use headlines and sub headlines to break up content, short and concise sentences, short paragraphs and numbered lists, graphics and visuals. We bold and italics the most important section of your pages,



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“It has a been a pleasure working with Jean-Louis, he has made the world of online marketing easy to understand and manage. I have recommended EckCreativeMedia to a number of my business contacts.”

Gordon Gauntlett

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“ Jean Louis, I just looked at these photos and quite honestly, I think they look amazing. I am shocked at what a wonderful job you did!. The pictures are soooo gorgeous!!!
Look at how nice this came out – really really NICE”

Karen B.

Real Estate Agent

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